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Monogo E-commerce News – Even more privacy for Apple customers in the digital world? #34

I have been in business for 16 years. During this time I have learned that change is one of the few things that is really constant in business. It is no different in e-commerce, where the dynamics are very high. Today, let's talk about a basic tool for tracking traffic sources, i.e. the parameters in the links you probably use in your campaigns. Speaking of campaigns, these probably come from a marketing plan, right? Right? If not, that's okay, because we have an article on how to build a marketing plan and what it should contain. And finally, the carbon footprint. Sooner or later you have to start talking about it. I think we are one of the first companies to talk loudly about this problem. Optimal hosting, optimal shop application, optimal media size. Without this, the carbon footprint of your shop will be high. How do you deal with this? You'll find out below.

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