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We bring value by using the best, the most reliable technologies available on the eCommerce market. Our team makes sure that our clients have the ability to achieve their business goals in a way that is safe, predictable and at the highest level.

We have been operating since 2011, and our team consists of 80 people whose competences and knowledge are certified. Our goal is to always achieve the goal, and our know-how is the selection, implementation and development of the best and the most reliable eCommerce technologies. The success in Europe, Asia and North America, along with our experience in numerous industries and in various business models have established our position in the eCommerce world. However, as we believe that the only constant is change, we remain one step ahead at all times, following global trends in the online sales market.



First of all: we are one team. In any situation. We strive to find a balance between the client's needs and what is best for the team. We make sure that everyone is up to date with the company's activities and that no one feels in any way isolated, because we believe that a team working in the spirit of a shared vision is a team that will accomplish the most


We believe that nothing has a more positive effect on your work performance than work that you enjoy. That is why every day we create a place fueled by positive energy. If it's a passion, working together can also be fun - and that's how it is in Monogo. We share both our successes and our moments of crisis. And we enjoy each other's achievements as we understand that this way grows not only the value of individual employee but that of the entire team.


We are on the green side of the force. By using environmentally friendly technologies, we reduce the ecological damages to a minimum - and we encourage everyone we work with to do the same. Together, we gain knowledge in order to raise our ecological awareness. We act - we don't just talk - and we do it with integrity. The reason for all of this is that we aspire to make the world a better, friendly place for us all.


Right from the beginning of our collaboration, we care about our clients' business like we would about our own, because this way, the rules of our partnership become clear and natural. We make sure to go the extra mile for each project we engage in and approach it with enthusiasm. We care about the balance between work and rest, as we believe that it is necessary in order to be 100% motivated at work. And we like to be at 100%.


We are honest and loyal to each other because this is how respect is built. And if someone dares to break these rules, we react. We are also aware that prejudices can happen to everyone but we are working on getting past them. We make sure that people and their ideas are treated equally and fairly. We actively listen to all comments and suggestions, and we are all for changes that positively affect our work and optimize its effects.


We will never be too smart and experienced to stop learning. We are always curious about new solutions and technologies. We learn from our mistakes, we draw conclusions and when necessary - we experiment and keep an open mind to new ideas. We learn quickly and we check the theory in practice every day. We exchange knowledge and experiences, we learn and teach, and we extract what is most valuable from networking. The world is in constant motion - and we’re moving along with it.


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