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Akeneo PIM – here we go

Every web shop system is equipped with tools for adding, editing and deleting products. It is also possible to categorise them and create attributes to define different types of products. So why should you consider using a dedicated Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) solution? Well-managed product information is a key component of an effective e-commerce… Czytaj dalej Akeneo PIM – here we go

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The power of design thinking in designing for IT

I have been designing user interfaces for over 10 years. I’ve seen big ideas fail despite huge budgets, a committed team and a theoretically good product. I wondered what this was due to and promised myself that when I was more empowered I would not allow failure. I started to analyse products that had failed… Czytaj dalej The power of design thinking in designing for IT

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What is PIM? Optimise, save, earn

Let’s think about it, in doing our work we use different tools every day. An email program, a browser, Power Point, Excel, Teams etc. It is a natural extension of our desk. Because how else could we work? The days of working in a notebook with a pencil are long behind us. Now, even the… Czytaj dalej What is PIM? Optimise, save, earn

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Man – the greatest security threat

In the last article, we talked about eCommerce security in a technical context. Today we will focus on the human and organisational part

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As Secure As Possible

IT systems security is a complex and complicated subject – strictly technical. Bringing together the worlds of business and technology, I invite you to a conversation about security for which we will not need an IT dictionary

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You can’t win with price – the value of user experience in e-business

Have you wondered why customers choose your competitors’ more expensive products? Maybe you are planning to launch a product and are wondering what will make people appreciate it? Whether your product is already on the market or is just getting there, you should think about the user experience.

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The power of personalisation in e-commerce

It is always good to look at the data in order to make some sense of the project. 54% of users expect products and content tailored to their tastes and interests when they enter a shop. 65% of shops admit that their conversions increased after the introduction of personalisation. 83% of people are willing to… Czytaj dalej The power of personalisation in e-commerce

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