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Omnichannel and user experience – how to design to multichannel to increase sales?

It would seem that implementing a working omnichannel strategy is the icing on the cake. The answer to the hedonism of users who want the perfect shopping experience. Our company supports most channels, our brand is present everywhere and products are visible and accessible to people regardless of the platform or where they physically make their purchase. However, mere presence in multiple channels is only multichannel.

Omnichannel is more than that, it is the immersion of the user in the world created by the brand. It's seamless and imperceptible transitions between channels during a single and consistent experience, such as a shopping experience.

Why is it important to think during designing solutions about the full ecosystem surrounding the user and not just a slice of the user's path? What makes omnichannel not an optional but standard for the user? And finally, how to think about multichannel strategy? You could read about this in this article.

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