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First job in IT – what should you know?

11 years ago I began to take my first steps in programming. Without stopping, I started studying and working at the same time. How did I do it? Work and study, is it possible? Yes, it is possible. I want to share my story with you. To show you a potential direction that will also allow you to achieve it.


As a young boy of average beauty, still without facial hair and wrinkles at that time, I decided right after my high school graduation not only to apply for university, but also to apply for a job. At the same time, I had no work experience. On the other hand, I had a heart full of energy and determination, to achieve my goal. And that goal was a job in IT.


I remember my first book I bought for PHP basics, which I waited for while standing in the window right after high school graduation, like the first star in December. It finally arrived-the letter carrier took it out of the basket he had mounted on his bike, where he still kept a huge amount of letters and postcards. That same day I received a phone call inviting me to an interview for an internship. It was for the next day, at 9 a.m. I was so excited about the upcoming interview that I didn't sleep a wink that night. I went awake, tired, but full of hope that it would work out. At the interview, in my estimation, I performed rather poorly. The guy asked some difficult technical questions that I didn't have the faintest idea about. At the end of the meeting, however, I managed to hit on a question that I knew the answer to. It concerned the difference between HEX and RGB notation in a CSS file. I felt this was the only chance to do well.

I started listing all the colors I knew in HEX format. I found that I would shine if I added that using RGB you could do transparency. With that, the very next day I was in the office at my first IT job. It worked!

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